About Our Mascot

One day when Louis Feraca was a young and relatively innocent sales rep in the promotional products industry, a customer, Chuck, called with an outrageous request, “Can you get me printed t-shirts in 2 days?” he asked. Back then, in 1992, nothing could be done in 2 days. We didn’t even have email! This was a regular customer so Louis decided to have a little fun with him and answered, “I don’t know Chuck, let me look out the window and check.” There was a short silence and Chuck asked, “Why do you need to look out the window?” and Louis said, “To see if there are winged pigs because I’ll have to see those first before I can get t-shirts in 2 days!” Chuck laughed and said that he understood then hung up.

Then Louis got to thinking, “What if the print shop has some stock sitting around from a canceled order and we could print and deliver in 1 day?”. So he called the shop manager and lo and behold, he did have the stock handy and could print in 1 day! Louis called Chuck back and gave him the good news. Chuck said, “So pigs DO fly!”.

Louis learned a lesson from that experience. Don’t assume you can’t do something that seems impossible until you try every avenue first. Pigs often fly and US Logoworks is founded on that belief. Every member of out team knows the story and lives it.


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